Saturday, January 30, 2010

No idea...

IDK wat to write 2day.... hmm oh yeah, i meet some hot chicks in mcd from KDU and some hot chicks in giza... lol!!!!

thats all i think?? hmmm oh yeah, oso 2nite my parents told me not to go to the program discussion... they want to wait till my result come out... -_-

Thursday, January 28, 2010


2day went awfully to start with.... My dad call me at 7am just to tell me he left his pocket money 

on the table, and told me not to take it(coz i use to ^^) 
anyway, after my mom gone somewhere, i left home at 3pm and went to bank to update my account book..

i've made RM239 for the 2 weeks working in Kennys hahaha
anyway, i found a center which teaches Mandarin and also center for my guitar lesson at sunway, the classes for mandarin cost bout rm480/month and the guitar cost bout rm180/month

my mom told me not to take the guitar lessons bcoz its not that important and expensive, btw i just want to learn for fun, but none of my frens can help me with this situation... everybody are so bz...

2day also an angel came to mcd, surprising me and sharil who was watching blues clues hahaha had a good time lepak2 with her, eventhough just for a while
besidesthat, 2day i got a call from Lincoln Collage, telling me that i've been invited to Join a program they having 2morrow for a program called Pre-Student Transfer Program To UK/USA...

They got a course i want, the Software Engineering.. and also they offer 3 years of diploma in uk and 1 year to finish degree!!!! in uk!!!!!! i mean that is only 4 years!!!!! than the normal 6 years!!!!!!! hahaha
but my parents dun approve coz my dad start to nag bout the science stuff, saying it best to take science subjects....

and now a golden opportunity already come, u guys think i should grab it even without my parents agree on it??

hmm now im thinking of going to shah alam alone attending the program.... dunno what to do now T.T

Looking Forward To This!!!!!!!! Coming Soon!!!!!!!

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Lol 2day i woke up at 10 o'clock, as i not always woke up this late, and it start as usual. Play games at 1st, after that on9 abit. After a few hours passed away, my fren, Adam called me, asking me to go to Tbun, to play with him at the cc(of coz he support me ^^) then when i was preparing to leave, another fren of mine, Sharil called me, he asked me to lepak2 at mcd.....
Now i'm really in a shitty situation between wether to go to Tbun or McD...(It never been this hard to make a decision before) Somehow i manage to come to a solution, i'll choose to go to Tbun, to have more fun ^^.... On my way there, i have to fill up my bike at Petronas, while i was doing that, Adam called, telling me to go Tbun 1st, he'll meet me there. I was like, WTF?? if i go alone who support me ma?? Then i realise i should have go to McD to lepak2 with Sharil as he will be alone if i would not came..(Adam got lots of frens in Tbun, he will not realise i'm not there ^^)
Anyway, after hours lepak2 at McD, it was time to go, i asked Sharil to come with me looking for a mandarin classes. We found 1 in Sunway Damansara and we also found a music center there. ^^ i'm so happy that i make a right decision, by going lepak2 with Sharil....
that makes me thinking, in life, its like making a simple decision which will bring a big impact. and all have been destined to happen, its only matter of time and place
After that, for the 1st time ever after Spm, i went home and sleep as early as 8 o'clock, LOL (^^)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My 1st ever flash game ^^ (MADE BY ME ^^)

i think this can play in myspace.....
NOTE*= Move use W n S
            = space - machine gun
            = aim use mouse
            = z - missile
            = x - chainsaw
            = c - grenade
Enjoy The Game ^^

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Im Virgin in this stuff!!! (1st timer)

HAHAHAHA!!!!!I dun know wats drives me in my mind when i was thinking bout making a blog.... hmm, maybe its bcoz a lots of my frens have blogs... and somehow they manage to update atleast once in 2 days. ^^

hmmm bcoz of this is my 1st time, idk wat to write bout... Oh yeah, i was in Mcd when im making my 1st ever blog. hahaha maybe the burger urge me to make a blog -_-'.....

anyway, 2day was a tired day, had to help my mom moves the furniture... hahaha.. and 2day oso the day my fren confess to some1 he likes ^^ Gud Luck Dude!!!!! Hmm...
besides that, some1 really annoying me, talking craps nd shits, full of crap.... hahaha

oh yeah 2day i cancelled my date with bella(not really a date (-_-') bcoz i have to help my mom. lol